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Henry Campbell & Janet Donald were married December 27, 1831 in Dalrymple, County of Ayr.  They then had 13 Children, 11 of which emigrated to Australia, Ann remained in Dalrymple as she had married and Isabella's twin sister Davida died at the age of six years.  The first of the Campbell's to emigrate from Scotland was Hugh Campbell he was one of the eldest children of Henry and Jane (Donald) Campbell.  He arrived in Australia in 1857. He took up farming at  Beaufort near Ballarat and was joined by his mother and nine siblings in 1861.  Their father Henry Campbell having died on board the ship (King of Algeria) on the way over.  Jane Campbell purchased a property at Beaufort, naming it "Causeway" after the family farm in Scotland.  The farm produce found a ready market on the goldfields and the Campbell's prospered, with each son being set up in his own station or farm on reaching the age of 21.  Hugh the eldest son in partnership with his father-in-law bought  the lease on Cobrum (as it was known then) Station near Wangaratta in 1872 and Jane died there.

Photograph of Jane Campbell (Nee Donald)


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